Lucky Boy

Cobble Hill Houses

110 Amity Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

The Cobble Hill Houses, which LBD is co-sponsoring, consists of two phases that will be assimilated into one another and, ultimately, into the landmarked neighborhood.

The first phase consists of the residential conversion of a 14,000 square foot, early twentieth century beaux-arts building at 110 Amity Street. This portion of the project will rehabilitate and revitalize this beautiful and historic structure, known as the Dudley Memorial Building, into high-end homes with all the luxury amenities of new construction, maintaining the detail, warmth and space of an historic mansion.

The second phase of the project consists of the erection of four elegant single-family townhouses, integrating seamlessly into the landmarked neighborhood. Due to the approvals required for any development in this landmarked neighborhood, this site has required a highly detailed design and development process preserving the classic exteriors of Cobble Hill, whilst incorporating the modern amenities of contemporary living.